IMF Security is the creator of LOG-MD, the Log and Malicious Discovery tool created for Information Security and IT professionals, Active Defenders, Incident Responders, Forensics Investigators and Auditors to assess, effectively enable and configure logs, hash file and compare to the file system and registry all to discover malicious activity on Windows based systems. 


IMF Security provides training courses for Malware Discovery, Basic Malware Analysis, Log Management improvement and refinement, as well how to use and apply LOG-MD in small to large environments.

“IMF Security’s Malware Discovery / Analysis Training is one of the most practical approaches I’ve seen especially considering there really isn’t a whole lot out there to be honest. In the world of security we throw every tool at a problem and Michael took us back to the basics not requiring the “hidden secret sauce” while spending well into the 6 figures for detection capabilities. His realistic approach to log analysis, free tools to use, common dropper locations and understanding the “known good binaries” are simple but key foundations for an IR person to have clear direction when assessing potential malware. While the training alone was worth its weight in gold, his general security experience and war stories are a testament to what the blue teamers deal with on a daily basis.”
— AVP of Cyber Security Operations GM Financial