LOG-MD Professional for Consultants provides an option for those professionals that services customers for Auditing, IT, Information Security and Incident Response.  LOG-MD for Consultants provides the following additional features to LOG-MD Professionals;

  1. Licensed to one consultant (transferable)
  2. Permission to use on multiple customer locations
  3. Leave the copy with your customer with a 3 month license transferred upon request.

Once you complete an engagement with your customer, consultants may leave a copy behind or on as many systems as LOG-MD was deployed.  Your customer qualifies to have the license transferred to them for a period of 3 months.  LOG-MD Professional for Consultants allows consultants to service multiple clients and provide them a useful tool that remains after completion of the engagement to help the client move forward.

All you have to do is contact IMF Security and send them a copy of your copy of LOG-MD (zipped up of course) along with your clients point of contact and email so we may register a copy for them and email it to them.  Just include this information in your report to your client(s). 

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