For support or to report a bug of LOG-MD Professional and LOG-MD Professional for Consultants submit a request through the following web form.  For LOG-MD Free users, support is at our discretion:

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We are aware that some Anti-Virus solutions flag LOG-MD as "malware".  Below is a list of what the current VirusTotal scan report states.  Like many Information Security utilities and tools, Anti-Virus flags them as malicious, often due to the way they are written to query system settings, the use of API calls and strings in the binaries.  We will always publish the Hashes of LOG-MD on two different websites and Twitter so that you can verify the download is indeed what we intended and absolutely safe and free from Trojans.  It is also proof AV has issues in the way they flag files as generically 'malicious'.  Sometimes in order to find malware.. you sometimes look like malware.

We recommend that you configure your Anti-Virus solution to trust LOG-MD.exe after you verify the hashes are correct to avoid any issues using the tool.