BDIR Podcast Episode-000

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Join us for our inaugural podcast, our guests will be:

  • Dave Cowan - Forensic Lunch Podcast and G-C Partners
  • Tyler Hudak - Trainer in Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Brian and I will kick off this new podcast, and the topic of the day will be:

"What is this new podcast all about, what will it cover? 

Incident Response, Malware Discovery, and Basic Malware Analysis, Detection and Response, Active Defense, Threat Hunting, and where does it fit within DFIR"

Show Notes:

  • Introductions
  • Introduce our Guests
    • Tyler Hudak
    • Dave Cowan




Tyler’s Pick

Dave’s Pick


Topic of the DAY

What is this new podcast all about?  Incident Response, Detection and Response, Active Defense, Threat Hunting, Malware Discovery, Basic Malware Analysis

Incident Response.JPG
DFIR width.JPG
  1. Define IR

    1. The process by which you respond to an incident (legal sense)?

    2. Do we agree on the diagram above?

      1. Define Discovery

      2. Define Analysis

      3. Define Forensics

    3. Does IR include preparation for an attack?

  2. What is Active Defense?

    1. Your definition will vary

  3. Threat Hunting - where do Hunters fit into all of this?

    1. JP.Cert paper

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