LOG-MD Free Edition version 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of LOG-MD-Free Edition has been released adding the following features:

  • AutoRuns Report - Compare a baseline autoruns to a suspect autoruns report using tools like WinMerge or Notepad++ to find new and potentially malicious AutoRuns.
  • Locked Files Report - Look for locked binaries trying to hide from other security tools and the process locking them so you can unhook the handle and clean the system!  Compare a baseline locked file report to a suspect system using tools like WinMerge or NotePad++, or just parse the file for .EXE, DLL, .BAT, .CMD, .PS1, .VBS, etc.
  • DNS Client Event logs are now an option to be collected.  Gather that DNS info for potential blocking or further investigation of suspect domains.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated Quick Start Guides

Watch our videos to help you learn about LOG-MD, what it can do, and actual Malware Discovery hunting using LOG-MD, including so called "Fileless or non-malware malware"