Configuring the Date Time column in Excel for LOG-MD Reports

When you open up the LOG-MD output  Report.csv for the first time in Microsoft Excel you will notice that Column C contains the Time data and is only showing time, not the properly configured Date-Time log data should have.  This is the default format condition for Excel when seeing the date time data used by LOG-MD and any other Windows log data.

Windows logs use the date time format “M/D/YEAR H:MM:SS.000”.  In order to carry the milliseconds (.000) into Microsoft Excel you will need to apply a custom time format.  In Microsoft Excel do the following;

  • Right-click on the Date/Time column (usually Column C) and select Format Cells
  • Select Number and then Custom
  • Select “m/d/yyyy h:mm
  • In the Type field add “:ss.000” to the end
  • So now it looks like this - ”m/d/yyyy h:mm:ss.000” in the field and select ‘OK’ to apply

Now you should have properly formatted date and time and showing milliseconds so you can properly sort and correlate events.

Happy Hunting!